John and Mark

The Riot have a diverse and excellent group of musicians including, amongst others:

Dave - Fiddle,
Mark - Fiddle,
Alan - Banjo, Flute, Whistle
Chris - Melodeon
Joachim - Melodeon,
Mike - Concertina
John - Bodhran,
Marnie - Whistle
Andrew - Snare drum

Not everyone will turn up to every event, so every event will be different.  Here is a sample of what the Riot's music sounded like a couple of years ago:

Click here to listen if the above player doesn't work for you.
That's the music for the dance called Prickwillow Pump, played by:
'The Famous' Alan Battersby: Banjo, Flute, Whistle
Dave Wolfe: Fiddle
Chris Lambert: Concertina, Side Drum, Whistle
Mark Lemmon: Fiddle
Mike Czarnobaj: Shells
John Blackwell: Bodhran, foot tapping and coffee making

Recorded by Chris Mayes-Wright


You may be able to catch the Riot's musicians on the last Friday of the Month having a bit of a session at the Albert pub in Ely, so come along and buy them a drink!